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With ecozoom you create carbon footprints for Company, products and processes. It does not matter whether you are a retailer, service provider or a manufacturing company. The software adapts to your individual requirements. an.

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With ecozoom you are almost assured not to miss anything and to calculate your greenhouse gas emissions correctly. A combination of intuitive and automatic data collection takes into account all necessary data of Scopes 1, 2 and 3. notwendigen Daten der Scopes 1, 2 und 3.

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By digitally recording your data, you reduce your administrative effort in climate management. The web-based access enables you and your employees to evaluate the data independently of time and place. auszuwerten. 

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ecozoom ist eine Software zur Erstellung von Klimabilanzen, welche unter den strengen Vorgaben des GHG-Protocol entwickelt wurde. 

Communication at its best

Communicate your carbon footprints transparently and efficiently with all your stakeholders using digital reporting, intelligent dashboard, clear key factsheets and individual tracking process.

Tracking link to your personal climate balance

Presentation of the activity data that went into the calculation

Identification of your individual Product Carbon Footprint

Transparent label system

With the ecozoom label you communicate the most important information about your carbon footprint at a glance. A tracking link leads to a digital reporting.

Intelligent Dashboard

An intuitive analysis dashboard supports you in identifying emission sources and developing a good climate protection strategy.

Total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of a product (PCF per functional unit)

Distribution of GHG emissions of the PCF by scopes

Distribution of total emissions for a product over the complete product life cycle

Total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of a product (PCF per functional unit)

Functional unit (FE) of the balanced product

Packing weight

Distribution of total emissions for a product over the complete product life cycle

Hot spot list of GHG emissions for product ingredients per product (FE).

Main GHG emission sources per product (VU) within production.

Transparent key factsheet

The key factsheet gives you, your customers and partners a quick overview of the most important details of your carbon footprint. 

Total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of a product (PCF per functional unit)

Unternehmens- und Produktinformationen

Distribution of total emissions for a product over the complete product life cycle

Distribution of total emissions for a product over the complete product life cycle

Functional unit (FE) of the balanced product

QR Code & Tracking ID zum digitalen Reporting

Your advantages with ecozoom

Arbeiten Sie mit qualitativen Emissionsdaten

Get automatically access to an emissions database customised for your industry, which is regularly maintained and dynamically expanded by experienced data experts.

Identify your reduction potential

Compare your data and check what impact altered supply routes, raw materials or processes would have on your company's greenhouse gas emissions.

Save time and money

Be independent of other service providers and create your balance sheet up-to-date. The web-based access allows you and your employees flexible access to your data.

Offset your emissions

Make your products and services climate neutral in only a few clicks. You have the choice between various climate protection projects of the highest quality.

Whatever you decide, it's the right climate assessment for you.


For all companies that want to deal intensively and regularly with the climate impact of their company, products, processes and value chains.


For all companies that want to quickly and easily calculate the carbon footprint for their products and processes.

Together for a sustainable value chain

Good climate accounting goes beyond the boundaries of the company and includes all upstream and downstream value-added units. 

Scope 3 emissions - including supplier and vendor activities - often account for more than 80% of a company's total CO₂ footprint. Use ecozoom to actively involve your suppliers. With the Collect & Share - approach ecozoom offers the basis to exchange data or ready-made carbon footprints with your suppliers or, in addition, to collect and standardise the data of your suppliers necessary for your own climate balancing.


You are also part of a value chain. Share your carbon footprint using our reporting features to make it easier for your stakeholders to calculate scope 3 emissions. 

Our promise to you

With ecozoom, every company can independently calculate its own carbon footprint.

Our mission is the smart and transparent presentation of greenhouse gas emissions caused by corporate actions with our new ecozoom label.We have used our 15 years of experience in accounting to enable companies to respond to complex sustainability reporting and rapid legislative developments with our intuitive software..

A strong community for your business


Together with IFS, ecozoom has developed a new standard for climate accounting in the food industry.


ecozoom was developed with the GHG Protocol in mind and strictly according to its specifications. ecozoom is registered for the "Built on GHG" test.


Once your carbon footprint has been established, Global Changer's knowledge and technology will enable you to achieve net-zero emissions in your business.

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